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Susan + Alvin {Powel Crosley Estate Wedding Photography}

Susan and Alvin are the type of couple you just want to be around as much as possible. They are always smiling and enjoying the moment. We bonded from our first meeting. In fact I can distinctly remember leaving with sore cheeks from smiling and laughing so hard. And on the day of their wedding, I did the same thing. Susan and Alvin had their wedding at the beautiful Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, FL. Friends and family came from all over the world for this special occasion. The thing that I appreciated the most about this group was that while they had deep traditional roots yet were so warm and easy going. They allowed me to be a part of the traditional tea ceremony as well the lion dance entrance into the reception. Their night was full of laughter, celebration, tradition and love. Susan and Alvin I cannot thank you enough for letting me be a part of your day. I had an amazing time and truly feel honored that you chose me. Here are some of my favorites from their day.

Special thanks to all the vendors who made Susan and Alvin’s day special

Ceremony :: Powel Crosley Estate

Reception :: Powel Crosley Estate

Caterer :: Milan Catering

Florist :: Elegant Designs Floral Art Studio

Hair and Makeup :: Michele Renee Hair and Makeup

Videographers :: Lucky Lemon Films

Wedding Shoes :: Christian Louboutin

Second Shooter :: Asha Lea

PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography21 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography1 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography4 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography2 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography6 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography5 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography3 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography7 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer3 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography12 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography9 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography10 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography11 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography14 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography13 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer1 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography15 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography8 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography16 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer4 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography17 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography19 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography18 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography20 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer5 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer6 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer7 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer8 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer9 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer2 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer12 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer11 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer13 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer10 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer14 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer17 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer18 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer19 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer20 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer21 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer22 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography22 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer16 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography23 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography24 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography25 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer24 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography26 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer23 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer27 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer25 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotography27 PowelCrosleyEstateWeddingPhotographer26

Garden Elegance Inspiration Shoot {Bok Tower Wedding Photography}

Top of the morning to you lads and lassies! I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the St. Patty’s day week then with a gold and green inspiration shoot. I have been envisioning this shoot for months now.  The idea was to create an outdoor elegant affair. Something classic yet approachable, natural with the upmost sophistication. I knew the best location for this shoot would be Bok Tower Gardens. There is a lot of history behind this venue. Edward W. Bok frequently visited the Lake Wales area during his winter retreats from Pennsylvania. Awed by the tranquility of the area he wanted to create a place the would touch the soul with its beauty and quiet. So he purchased the land and presented this gift to the American people February 1, 1929. Well what a gift he gave us, as every time I go to Bok Towers I feel a sense of peace and tranquility. I feel inspired and relaxed. If you haven’t been there I encourage you to make a day trip out of it. It’s a wonderful experience that you won’t forget. But back to the shoot :) I couldn’t have asked for a better team of vendors to work with, and feel so blessed that everyone took the vision and ran with it. Thank you to everyone who made the vision on my pinterest board become a reality. Here are some of my favorites from this shoot.

Location :: Bok Tower Gardens

Event Planner :: Jennifer Burkle of Burkle Events 

Wedding Dress :: Malindy Elene

Groom’s Attire :: Banana Republic

Hair and Makeup :: Dena from Lasting Luxe Hair and Makeup Artistry

Plateware and Glassware :: Dishie Rentals

Furniture and Decor :: Wish Rentals

Florals :: Taylormade Florals

Invitations and Decor :: Emily Grace Design

Cake and Cake Pops :: Hands on Sweets



Abbey + Daniel {Casa Feliz Wedding Photography}

Well today I would like to invite you all to Abbey and Daniel’s beautiful Casa Feliz wedding. I am slightly smitten with this venue. It isn’t everyday I get to shoot at a historic Spanish style mansion in Winter Park, Florida. And I absolutely loved Abbey’s choice of colors, bridesmaids dresses, table decor, well to be honest, everything. Her style was light and whimsical. Even the looming thunder storms didn’t rain on their parade. Abbey and Daniel were able to be married outside.  And while the outdoor dining had to be moved in, everyone celebrated as if that was the plan all along. I love that. I could keep going but I would rather let the photos speak for themselves. Abbey and Daniel, thank you for making me a part of your day. And special thanks to all the other vendors who made their day memorable.

Ceremony Venue :: Casa Feliz, Winter Park, FL

Reception Venue :: Casa Feliz, Winter Park, FL

Caterer :: Arthur’s Catering

Florist :: Lee Forrest Design

DJ :: Maria Shafer

CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer1 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer2 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography5 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer3 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography2 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer4 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer5 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography3 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer6 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer7 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer9 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer10 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer8 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography4 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer11 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer12 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography6 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer13 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography8 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography7 CasaFelizWeddingPhotographer14 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography9 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography10 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography11 CasaFelizWeddingPhotography12

Virginia + Bear {Tampa Yacht and Country Club Wedding Photography}

On this beautiful Valentine’s day I thought it only right to post a super sweet couple and their wedding. Virginia and Bear held their beautiful wedding at the Tampa Yacht and Country Club. Virginia is the most beautiful person inside and out. And her day was filled with smiles, laughter, and happiness. I think one of my favorite memories from the wedding was when all the guests….No seriously ALL of the guests were on the dance floor enjoying the band. The music and energy was invigorating. I loved their confetti exit too. A perfect way to finish off a perfect day. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

Also special thanks to all the vendors who made Virginia + Bear’s day so special!

Wedding Reception :: Tampa Yacht and Country Club

Florist :: The Potting Shed

Band :: The Heather Hayes Experience

Second Shooter :: Shem of Blue Lane Studios

TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography6 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer1 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography2 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer3 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography1 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer4 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography3 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer2 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography5 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer5 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography4 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer6 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography7 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer7 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography8 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer8 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography9 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer9 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography10 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography11 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography13 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography12 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographwe11 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer10 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographwe12

Alyssa + Brian [Terrain Wedding Photographer}

This my friends was one of those engagement sessions where I left the shoot with sore cheeks from smiling so much. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I had with Alyssa and Brian during their engagement session in Philadelphia. We walked and talked, walked and talked, and did some more walking and talking. And as locales or light  popped out we would stop and shoot for a few minutes. Their cuteness for each other was so effortless to capture.  I am so looking forward to their wedding this upcoming Fall. This won’t be the last you see of this awesome two-some :)

TerrainWeddingPhotography TerrainWeddingPhotographer TerrainWeddingPhotography1 TerrainWeddingPhotography4 TerrainWeddingPhotography2 TerrainWeddingPhotography3 TerrainWeddingPhotographer1 TerrainWeddingPhotographer4 TerrainWeddingPhotographer3