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Jess + Frank {Old Mill Wedding Photographer}

This is a wedding I will always look back on, smile, and reminisce. The first time I met Jess and Frank was 2 hours before their wedding day. As crazy as that may sound I have a good reason for that. You see, my good friend, Jennifer Baumann booked these two. She was planning to photograph and document their day. And about a week before Jess and Frank’s wedding, Jenn went into labor. So I had the privilege of stepping in and shooting on her behalf. And while I didn’t know these two for long, I can easily tell you that I LOVE them. They are such great people, easy going and beautiful #totalpackage. HaHa. It felt like I had known them so much longer then 2 hours. They have a way of making everyone feel welcome and important. So not only did I have an uber awesome couple but the location of their wedding was absolutely divine. The Old Mill is this beautiful piece of property tucked away off the main road in an oasis of a forrest and a creek.

Jess and Frank, thank you for letting me capture your day. Jenn, thank you for trusting me to your couple. Here are some of my favorites captured from their day.

Ceremony Location :: The Old Mill

Reception Location :: The Old Mill

Hair Stylist :: Elaina Mills of Onde Salon

Second Shooter :: Christy Nicole

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Tori + Alex {St Pete Beach Wedding Photographer}

After just returning home from a trip to the Florida keys I think its only fitting that I post this epic engagement session. You see, I spent most of my vacation underwater snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving, and floating. I love the water, I find peace and happiness there. And as fate would have it so do Tori and Alex. They love being outdoors and in nature and are completely drawn to the water. Ft Desoto and St. Pete Beach were the perfect locations for these two. We were able to walk around in beautiful light and capture them in their essence. I love how they loved each other. You could just feel it in their embrace and the way they looked at one another. There was a great respect and love for the other. Of course things got super playful once submerged in the water :) This includes Alex picking Tori up and chucking her into the water. Tori, jumping on his back tackling him into the next wave. It was such an awesome session. Tori and Alex thank you for being so uh-mazing! Here are my favorites.   Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding

Kate + Drew {Tampa Yacht and Country Club Wedding Photographer}

This wedding puts the biggest smile on my face. It was everything. The beautiful bride inside and out. The love she had for her family and friends. The handsome groom who chose his dad as his best man. And of course I cannot forget the biggest eye candy of the night, Hampton, their basset mix rescue pup who not only stole the show upon arrival, but my heart :) I had such an amazing time with everyone at Kate and Drew’s wedding. The day was fun, energetic, happy and full of love for the newlyweds. Kate and Drew, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture your day. And thank you to all the amazing vendors who made their day possible.  Asha and Marilyn I appreciate you both so much.

Ceremony :: Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church

Reception :: Tampa Yacht and Country Club

Wedding Dress :: Angel Sanchez

Wedding Shoes :: Kate Spade

Bridesmaids Dresses :: Jim Hjelm sold at Bella Bridesmaids

Hair and Makeup :: Cindy LePere and Jess Waldrop

Band :: Momentum Party Band

Planner :: Gloria Howell

Videographer :: Randall Productions

TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer27 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer2 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer1 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer3 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer4 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer6 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography2 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer7 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer12 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography1 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer5 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography3 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer9 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography14 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer11 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer13 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography15 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer14 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer15 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer16 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer18 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer17 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer19 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer20 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer21 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer22 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer23 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer24 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer25] TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer31 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography17 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer29 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography16 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer30 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography18 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer32 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotography19 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer33 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer34 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer35 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer38 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer36 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer39 TampaYachtandCountryClubWeddingPhotographer37

Allison + Jeremy {Abington Art Center Wedding Photography}

This wedding was a complete joy to photograph for many reasons. The reasons include but are not limited to the fact that it took place back home in Philadelphia at an stunning  outdoor venue, with a fabulous couple, in which the bride wore and uh-mazing BHLDN dress and GORGEOUS floral head piece. But I can’t take credit for this wedding. You see I was photographing it on behalf of Jennifer Baumann Photography. You see, Jen was over 8 months pregnant at the time which slightly restricts movement and level of comfort at all times. So I had the privilege to shoot Allison and Jeremy’s wedding for Jen. It was beyond amazing. Along side of  Alison Dunn Photography we were able to capture all the amazing moments from their day. Together, we endured plenty of rain showers and thunderstorms…. And to be honest, I would have it no other way. For we all can look back and laugh at the fun that was had. Allison and Jeremy were an amazing, laid back couple and a complete joy to be around. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day you two. And Jen, thank you for trusting Alison Dunn and I to capture this wedding for you. Here are some of my favorite images I was able to capture from their day.

AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer13 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer1 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography1 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer2 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography3 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer7 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer12 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer3 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer4 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography6 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer5 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography2 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer6 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer8 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography5 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer9 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer10 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotographer11 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography10 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography4 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography8 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography7 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography9 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography12 AbingtonArtCenterWeddingPhotography11

Emily + Zach {Palma Ceia Country Club Wedding Photography}

Have you ever just met someone and instantly been connected with them? Like a long lost friend you’ve just reunited with? That’s exactly how I felt when I met Emily.We immediately bonded while touring her wedding venue, Palma Ceia. I can’t recall too much about venue conversation. Sure I would point out areas of light that I liked and pretty backdrops. Mostly what I got from that meeting was that Emily and Zach were beautiful people inside and out and were so excited to start their lives together. They were young, fun and smitten with each other. They love all things light, jovial, and hash tagged. Yes, I said it, #hastagged. I seriously could not have asked for a better couple, bridal party, location, or weather for Emily and Zach’s day. Here are some of my favorites from their day. And below are also all the amazing vendors I had the opportunity to work with as well. #EmilyandZachthankyouforlettingmecaptureyourweddingyoutwoareuhmazing #cantwaittomeetyournewpuppy #eeeek.

Ceremony Location :: Palma Ceia Golf + Country Club

Reception Location :: Palma Ceia Golf + Country Club

Planner :: Laura Walsh Events

Florals :: Botanica

Dress :: Malindy Elene Coture For the Bride

Bridesmaids Dresses :: Love Lane

Hair :: Lauren Hurless

Makeup :: Carly McClure of Skin NV

Ceremony Music :: Dillingham Quartet

Band :: The Headliners

Second Shooter :: Asha from Love Asha Photography

PalmaCeiaWeddings16 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography PalmaCeiaWeddings2 PalmaCeiaWeddings1 PalmaCeiaWeddings PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography1 PalmaCeiaWeddings3 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography2 PalmaCeiaWeddings4 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography3 PalmaCeiaWeddings5 PalmaCeiaWeddings9 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography4 PalmaCeiaWeddings6 PalmaCeiaWeddings8 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography5 PalmaCeiaWeddings7 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography6 PalmaCeiaWeddings10 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography7 PalmaCeiaWeddings12 PalmaCeiaWeddings11 PalmaCeiaWeddings15 PalmaCeiaWeddings13 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography8 PalmaCeiaWeddings18 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography9 PalmaCeiaWeddings19 PalmaCeiaWeddingPhotography10 PalmaCeiaWeddings20 PalmaCeiaWeddings21 PalmaCeiaWeddings22 PalmaCeiaWeddings24 PalmaCeiaWeddings23 PalmaCeiaWeddings25