Amanda + Eric {Engaged}

Meet Amanda and Eric , the awesome two-some who wanted to have a super fun engagement session. I was so excited about that because I’ve really been wanting to do a shoot involving a bunch of balloons, and thought these two would make the perfect candidates. And they did.  Amanda told me the color schemes of their outfits, I picked up a dozen balloons from Party City with matching hues, there was no traffic heading to the park, things were looking good……When all of the sudden…….POP!!!! ……..WHAM!!!……POP!!!!!!……. I almost hit the floor of my car. What just happened? Who tried to shoot me? Did I just get hit by another automobile? Nope. Just three of the twelve balloons decided to pop en route to the shoot 🙁 Amanda and Eric just laughed when I told them the story. I’m glad to say that the missing three balloons didn’t affect the shoot at all. Amanda and Eric were cute, cuddly, and all around adorable for their session. I had so much fun with them and can’t wait for their wedding this coming March. Here are some of my favorites from their session.



  • Tiffany - The last one looks so peaceful! So excited for the wedding! 🙂

  • Amanda + Eric {Florida Wedding Photography} » StephanieASmithBlog.Com - […] much energy and happiness to the table, and it’s totally contagious. I walked away from your engagement session full of smiles and positive-ity {not a word but it is in my mind}. I knew that the wedding day […]

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