Grandma Coradino

She was born and raised in New York. She raised children and welcomed numerous grandchildren into the world. And now at the ripe old age of 90 {she will be 91 next week} she took part in her granddaughter’s wedding. Grandma Coradino was full of hugs, kisses and smiles this past Saturday. It seemed as though everyone was drawn to her. Perhaps it was her warm eyes, big heart, or open arms but there was never a moment when I didn’t see someone surrounding her, talking with her or dancing with her. To me, this is how life should be. You cherish every moment, live life to it’s fullest, and grow to be 110. Grandma Coradino, thank you for letting me learn a little bit about you this weekend. You truly are an inspiration, thank you for demonstrating how life is beautiful at any age. Wishing you a very happy 91st birthday next week.