Kyle + Justin {Selby Gardens Wedding Photography}

” I forgot to tell you!….Were moving to Florida in a year and you’re going to be my friend”. This was one of the first things from Kyle’s mouth when I saw her on her wedding day.Those words will resonate with me forever, as well as bring a huge smile to my face. And while Kyle and Justin haven’t quite made the move down to Florida yet I know that when they do arrive we will celebrate with a bottle of wine and reminisce over some amazing memories from their wedding day.
This one is for sure going down in the books folks. I loved every little thing about this wedding and every little thing about this couple. Kyle and Justin held their outdoor garden wedding at Selby Gardens in Sarasota. The weather was perfect! The details were divine. And I don’t think you could ask for a cuter ring bearer….The girls are gonna be in trouble when he grows up 🙂 I literally was waiting all year for this wedding. After hearing about all the details, colors, style and set up I knew it was going to be something special. Well, it far exceeded any of my wildest expectations. And I think everything previously mentioned coupled with two amazing families and lots of great friends created for one amazing event. Special thank you to all the vendors who made this day awesome. And an even bigger thank you to Style Me Pretty Florida for featuring this wedding. Click here to check out the post.
Here are some of my favorites from Kyle and Justin’s day.
P.S. Kyle I can’t wait for you to move down to Florida. I have a bottle of wine and a big hug waiting for you 🙂

Ceremony Location :: Selby Gardens
Reception Venue :: Selby Gardens
Catering :: Sarasota Catering Company
Event Planning :: Cari McDowell
Florist :: Beneva Flowers
Wedding Dress:: Paloma Blanca
Hair and Makeup :: Michele Renee
DJ :: Jay Goodley
2nd Shooter Awesome-ness :: Blue Lane Studios



  • Katie - Oh my gosh…I love these pictures! You captured some amazing moments. Wow!

    Also…I am pretty sure that he is one of the cutest ring bearers ever!

  • beverly - Incredible photos! Incredible day! Incredible couple! <3

  • Amanda - Gorgeous photographs!

  • kathleen frank - sigh. these are just gorgeous! the location was stunning, and i absolutely love the details at their reception!

  • Susan - Besides being my brother and my new sister in law this was one of the most beautiful weddings that I have been to. Stephanie captured all of the most beautiful moments. She is an amazing photographer who pays close attention to all of the fine details. I wish that she travels to the fort Lauderdale area cause I would love for her to be the one to capture all of my future moments.

  • Pearl Gusewich - The pictures are astonishing!! Each picture captures the beauty of its surroundings- the trees, flowers, water, chairs, signs, people etc;. Just an amazing place to be able to take superb pictures.
    Thank you Stephanie for capturing every second of the wedding ceremony- pre and post. I know I will always be able to treasure the day looking at the pictures.The pictures are all captivating-you feel pulled into the scenery.

  • Travis - Kyle & Justin look stunning! Stephanie, your use of light is AMAZING! LOVE IT!

  • Michael Riter - Now I’ll admit I’m a bit biased, but Stephanie captured with her wonderful images not only the love my daughter and son-in-law share, but also the essence of fun and celebration they created on their wedding day. Here’s to Stephanie and here’s to Kyle and Justin.

  • Kerri O. - These are incredible photos- I love the vibrant colors, gorgeous details and emotions that come through in each one. Congratulations Kyle and Justin!

  • Alli Seman - Amazing wedding and fantastic pictures!!!!

  • Danielle malsom - These pictures are great.

  • Teri Radosevich - These are truly the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen….absolutely stunning!

  • Jonathan Rubin - Who knew Justin was so good looking?? And Kyle looks nice as well.

  • Roberta Bergman - The pictures are absolutely amazing. This is one incredible photographer.

  • Wyndham - Stephanie–you did an amazing job and were so fun! This was such a special day and it’s so nice to have so many fabulous pictures capturing all of the memories. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have beautiful subjects too:)

  • Nonnie Riter - Fantastic photos. You did such a nice job for Kyle and Justin.

  • Amy Drake - Stephanie’s amazing photos captured the heart and soul of this magical celebration; they’ll be a reminder for all time of the love that was shared that day.

  • Marta Selmo - Amazing work…. Congratulations!!
    I love everything :))

  • Jen Baumann - OHHH wow… I can see why Style Me Pretty did a feature on this… This is a beautiful wedding and you captured it soooo well!! STUNNING!!

  • Kimberly - WOW! What a day! Thank you Stephanie for securing the day in pictures. We shall not forget!

  • Diana Lindsay - What a great wedding and amazing photographs! Kyle and Justin will be able to treasure these forever.

  • Melissa - Wow. These moments are so sweet, and unspeakably gorgeous. Congrats to the bride and groom!

  • Katelyn Tolzien - These pictures are incredible. It was such an amazing day, and you captured so many special moments! Definitely an unforgettable day of us all!

  • Brian - Pics look great and truly captured the beautiful bride and groom as well as the gardens themselves.

  • Stefanie Flippin - LOVE the pictures! What a amazing way to remember such a great event! Congrats!!!!

  • Cynthia Finn - Your pictures are worth thousands of words and an equal number of happy tears every single time I look at them. From Kyle swirling her chiffon skirt pre-ceremony at the mansion, to her dainty walk down the aisle with her dad toward her man, to Justin with his mother … and these are just three. Every single Stephanie Smith photo takes me back to 11-4-11. THANK YOU, STEPHANIE.

  • Maggie Baryk - I wept at how beautiful these photos were and how perfectly they captured this magical event. I didn’t think it was possible to capture love in a frame, but it was achieved in these photos. They are absolutely breathtaking!

    —-Maggie and Scott, cousins of the Bride

  • Howard Fischer - Pictures are amazing . The Fischer family does photos very well !

  • kathy fischer - ahhhhh, what more can be said than ‘beautiful’, ‘just beautiful’.

  • Cassandra - Amazing pics!

  • Nicole Gomez - Such a beautiful wedding with great pics to capture all the moments!

  • Michele Renee - O MY GOODNESS Stephanie your pictures are breathtaking!!!!! KYLE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Your wedding looked picture perfect. CONGRATS!!!!

  • Tracey - Beautiful pictures of a perfect couple 🙂

  • Katie Hamill - Love these pictures! Wish I could have been there to celebrate!

  • Meredith - I have seen these photos several times, but each time I get chills. Stephanie, fantastic job capturing these stunning images of a very, very special wedding. Beautiful photographs, beautiful wedding, beautiful couple!

  • Carol Tolzien - Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful couple!

  • Emily - These pictures were made for style me pretty! Every detail from the venue to the color scheme is gorgeous!

  • Jennifer Hyman - These pictures are beautiful. Makes me feel like I was there!!

  • Stacy - These are such stunning photos!

  • don - great pics.

  • Michelle Budnick - Beautiful pictures of a wonderful night!

  • Jill - These are wonderful! What a special day – so excited we were able to help you celebrate. xo

  • Justin DeMutiis - Wow, just amazing. I love every one of your pictures, and I love their style… And of course I love Selby Gardens.

  • Alissa del Sol - Wow, amazing pictures!!! Kyle & Justin look so happy and beautiful!!!!!

  • Kristi del Sol - Gorgeous pictures!!!! Love the colors!

  • dede - it was such a beautiful wedding, in every sense of the word, and Stephanie, you did such a great job of capturing it all! here’s to Kyle and Justin and many, many years of love and laughter together!

  • Cari McDowell - Thank you for allowing me to help you with your day Kyle and Justin!! I loved it. 🙂

  • Lindsay - Love the pics! So happy for your special day!!!

  • marlene hauck - i think these pictures and the wedding was wonderful

  • Ryan Randall - Everything turned out awesome! The only thing not pictured are the snowmen we were building, the authentic igloo I made, the ice skating rink and the fresh snow cones justin was serving. I can’t believe it got that cold in Sarasota….

  • Myra - These are the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen. This photographer is amazing.

  • Tara - Beautiful pics!

  • Cheryl - These have got to be some of the most magnificant pictures that I have ever seen. Nature sure adds an amazing touch and this photographer captured every precious moment.

  • Myra - These are some really amazing photos. The colors are so bright. She is a super photographer.

  • Samantha Stewart - Everything about these pictures are amazing! I love the candid ones and the lighting is just perfect!!

  • Liana Heitin - These just might be the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous. Kyle, you are a movie star.

  • Scott Jacobitti - Absolutely beautiful photos! Can’t imagine a more stunning venue, you captured the pure LOVE that is Kyle and Justin!

  • Larry - Really nice wedding and even better photos captured of the amazing evening.

  • Beau Dickerosn - What a lovely day for a wedding! You are truly blessed to have one another.

  • Susie Schweppe - Incredible photos!

  • antoinette janik - These are great.. At first I thought the young lady with the “pearl” necklace was the bride!

    The groomsmen are probably the “root” of any problems you may encounter-(great photo).

    My favorite jr. bridesmaid was Myra.

    Good luck and smooth sailing through life– by the way, speaking of sailing, I know a great travel agent if you need one !!!!!

  • Chase R. - Amazing night! I couldn’t be happier for my big sister and my new brother. Love you guys!

  • Cynthia Finn - Best pictures ever! Steph you did a great job, and not to mention that Kyle and Justin are the most perfect couple ever!

  • Linda - What a beautiful wedding and couple! Great shots!

  • Teresa - I love all of the different perspectives. Georgous bride and groom! Looks like it was a very fun evening.

  • Ashley - This is one of the most fun wedding shoots i’ve seen. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

  • Kara Schiavone - The wedding pictures are amazing! So vibrant and crisp! Looks like it was a great time and I am so happy for you Kyle and Justin!

  • sydney perkins - Best wedding and best pictures!

  • jordyn perkins - I love all the pictures of my special uncle and my new aunt!

  • ian perkins - My wife wishes we had wedding photos like these. Absolutely amazing!

  • John O'Keefe - Beautiful pictures from a beautiful day!

  • Kyle Fischer - I could not be more happy with our wedding photos. Stephanie did an amazing job of capturing every moment and detail and the use of light is just perfect. She corralled our families and bridal parties with ease and everyone loved her! We will cherish these photo memories forever.

  • Pamela Cerritelli - It’s looks like a fairy tale. So glad you guys had such a magical weekend and that we got to see it live. Picture perfect!

  • Nascar - Solid composition

  • Dan - Who knew Justin was so good looking?? And Kyle looks nice as well. +1

  • J Aftergut - excellent photos. Caught the moment just right!

  • justin fischer - the key to good wedding photos is a beautiful bride and an excellent photographer- check and check

  • Flipp - Amazing pictures of a Beautiful day!!

  • Monica - really beautiful photos 🙂 looks like a perfect day!

  • Allyssa - This entire wedding was breathtaking & the photos are incredible!

  • Celeste - I definitely missed a fabulous wedding:( these pictures reiterate that, but wow,these pictures make me feel as though I’m there. I can hear the music and feel the love. Thank you for capturing these moments for my cousin and her family….both present and there in spirit.

  • Jennifer - WOW!! Amazing work! The details are rockin’!

  • Charisma - What a beautiful wedding! The pictures are amazing!!

  • Jessica - GORGEOUS!!! love Love LOVE! You truly captured that day, from the details to the expressions on the guests’ faces. 🙂

  • Laura - This is one of the best wedding albums I’ve ever seen. Of course, the photographer had great subject matter! But, she captured the ambiance and mood beautifully. I love how the tree is incorporated into the photos. And, I love all the reception details that will forever be remembered in these photos.

  • Tennille - Just beautiful shots! We’re so sorry we missed seeing it in person. Especially love the over-the-shoulder shot of Kyle going down the stairs and Kyle and Justin amidst the moss!

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