Lindsay + Kevin {Phoenixville Foundry Wedding Photography}

 Lindsay and Kevin are that couple where as soon as you meet them, you want to spend more time with them. There will always be laughter and good conversation when they’re around. Life, in their eyes, should never be taken too seriously. There is always time to have a beer, a good laugh, and love on your puppy dog. I loved everything about their day. It started out with Kevin and his groomsmen meeting at a local brewery in Phoenixville. The ladies were told to wear any type of yellow dress they wanted to. Matching was not a big deal. All that mattered was that everyone who was important to Kevin and Lindsay were present and ready to celebrate their life’s journey they were about to embark on together. I loved their yellow and grey colors. It was playful, fun and happy. What was also super fun and playful was their labradoodle, Ruby, who showed up right after the ceremony to say hello and give smooches to Lindsay. Ah this day was filled with wonderful memories and fun moments. Kevin and Lindsay, thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding journey. Here are my favorites from their day as well as some of the amazing vendors who made it possible.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception :: Phoenixville Foundry

Cake Designer :: Queen of Hearts Catering

Caterer :: Queen of Hearts Catering

Videography :: Lavon Films Wedding

Second Shooter :: Jennifer Baumann Photography

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