Orange You Glad?

As we slowly made the trek back to the car my best friend turned to me with this smirk on her face and asked, “Orange you glad we did this?” Aside from erupting into laughter I finally squeezed out the response, “yes”. You see this past weekend marked my last free Saturday and Sunday until May. The last chance of whatever I want to do and whatever I say, goes. Wedding season starts this week. And while I can’t believe how quickly these past few weeks went, I’m super excited to get back into the swing of weddings. Lots of uber cool couples and epic shoots ahead. Most of January was spent enjoying the simple things in life. Antique shopping, Saturday mornings spent watching countless episodes of Property Ladder and Flip This House, endless trips to the dog beach, even busy weekend grocery shopping where I got to sample the free food around every aisle. Anything I did, I tried to enjoy every minute of it. So the last weekend of my freedom I really wanted to seek an adventure that I had never done before in Florida. And while it wasn’t a major adrenaline rush, or thrill seeking challenge I had a blast at the Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Florida. One of the last remaining pick your own citrus farms in the state, this 2500 acre working citrus and cattle ranch is one of the most neighborly feel places around. My best friend, Jackie, and I made the two hour trek yesterday morning. Upon arrival we were greeted with freshly squeezed orange juice and samples of their over 50 citrus varieties. From there we picked up our 1/4 lb. bushel bag and marched around the farm picking up as many fruits as could fit in our bag. Now many of you know, I am a beach girl at heart, but I was really glad I got out and experienced something new. Here are a few of my favorites.
P.S. If any of you need a few oranges I have a refrigerator full of them 🙂