Sneak Peek Whitney + Zac {Powel Crosley Wedding Photography}

Soooo Powel Crosley + Whitney and Zac + Uhh-mazing wedding details = an epic wedding of upmost awesomeness that I can’t wait to share. Whitney and Zac, I know you two are headed off to Whistler but I just want to leave you a little sum-ing before you go. Many more to come!



  • Agie - Stunning! One of my favorite moments from the reception is when you ran up to a group of us and exclaimed : “Is it weird that I am excited to run home and edit these photos…..tonight??”. Your enthusiasm while on the job was contagious and I am so excited to see the final product!

  • april - GORGEOUS!!!! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Whitney - Sooo…we’re sitting in the lobby of our honeymoon hotel, and I basically couldn’t resist getting online and leaving a comment of how wonderful this photo is, and I just can’t wait to see more!!!!

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